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50-350 USD or so

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2009-07-05 17:30:05
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Q: Value of a 1940 Remington model 510 22 cal rifle?
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What is the value of a 1940 Remington 22 rifle?

Which model, what condition?

What is the age and value of a Remington model 30 express?

1921-1940; 100-500 USD

What is the value of a 1940 Remington model 742 30-06 rifle?

what the market will bear. Older autoloader are hard to sell. fear of non working or jamming is an issue. If you can show the rifle functions well it would be worth 100 to 300 depending on condition. Not a real collectible.

What year was the Remington 550 semi automatic rifle made?

It depends, there were four models, the: Model 550A, Model 550P, Model 550-2G, and Model 550-1. The first model was introduced in 1940, and the 550-1 was introduced in 1946.

22 semi auto Winchester rifle 1940 what is the value?

Is it a Model 1907, 1912, 63 or 74? Makes a difference.

1940 model 98 Mauser rifle?

Your question is???

What is the value of a marlin model 81C 22 rifle?

The marlin model 81C which was made from 1940-1970 is valued at between 65-110 dollars,depending on the overall condition of your rifle,and a good bore.

What is the value of a Benjamin air pistol model 117 with original box and instructions?

It all depends on the condition of the rifle. It was made between 1940-69. State the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value. The box and instructions will increase the value by 25%.

What is the value of crosman air rifle model 100?

The Model 100 was made around 1940-50. Unfortunately you need to state the condition of the rifle. Tell us, is it still working? what condition is it in? Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor. With more information about the rifle a better estimate of value can be give.

What is the value of a crosman air rifle model 100 in fair condition?

The model 100 was made between 1940 and 1950. In FAIR condition it is worth between $115 to $160.

What is the value of a Winchester model 94-30-30 rifle made in 1953?

Model 1894 1940-1964 Production Carbine:95% - $55090% - $45080% - $39570% - $350

What year was the Remington sportmaster 512 made?

your Remington model 512 was made from 1940-1962,with a total production of 395,000 guns.

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