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25-75 or so

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Q: Used value of Norinco JW-20 22 cal rifle?
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What is the value of a used norinco polytech hunter type 2 AK47 style rifle?

depends on the condition, and what sights it has. a fair price is anywhere from $250 to $450. condition makes a big part of the value.

Used value of the mak 90 by norinco?

100-400 USD

Value of Winchester 72A rifle?

Does anyone know the value of a used winchester 72A Rifle?

What is the blue book value of a buffalo bill rifle?

What is the value of a Buffalo Bill Rifle never used and still in original box? Also, a John Wayne Rifle in original package.

Does anyone import the Norinco 1911A1 pistol?

Unfortunately, no. Norinco was convicted of importing nuclear weapons to other countries, and the US banned trade with Chinese firearms. If you're planning on getting a Norinco 1911A1, you'll have better luck looking in the used market for about $300.

What is the value of a used Glenfield bolt action model 25 rifle?


What is the value of a used reminton speedmaster 22 rifle?

50-200 or so

What is the value of a standard used Winchester 30-30 rifle?

I can get them from 150.00 to 250.00

What is the value of a Henry rifle?

WHICH Henry? The antique Henry rifle made in the 1860's or the current Henry Repeating Arms Co rifle?

What is the wholesale value for Remington model 700.270 mountain rifle?

what is the value of a used remington 700 in .270 win

What is the value of a norinco sks-m model 7.62x39mm?

I have a Norinco SKS-M with "blonde" Monte Carlo stock and 16 inch paratrooper barrel with bayonet lug but no bayonet. For a lightly used model in very good condition and with a 30 round ak mag and Vexor flashhider I paid $550 in January 2009. I'm glad to have it. The gun will last forever.

What is trade in value of a never used Commander Mark III 45 caliber semi automatic rifle?

about £300 it depends on the quality of the rifle