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restore the factory settings.

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Q: Unfortunately app has stopped working Help me My phone is doing it all the time?
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Can my phone be fixed if my portable phone stopped working after it was put on the wrong charger?

it really depends on how much damage was done to it

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It's his phone, but if he used to let you regularly have his cellphone and has suddenly stopped doing that, it seems suspicious.

Can emails from apple be stopped when using find your phone?

Can emails sent by apple when using find my phone be stopped

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If your phone is not working what to do?

Digital phone

What is Santa 's phone number?

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Is it possible to have my cellular phone repaired after it stopped working when it dropped in a puddle of water?

To see if your phone can be repaired after dropping it in water all depends on the circuit board of the phone. A way to check this is to remove the battery and look for a white or red dot behind where the battery was, if it is white you can get it fixed, if it is red then the phone is most likely done.

Is there any way you can turn on a stolen phone?

go to the phone place were its from and say its your phone but you lost it and stopped using it

Which phone is better the Kin 2m or Lg Cosmos Touch?

definitely not the cosmos touch, me and my brother both have it his screen stopped working and my wont charge or take pictures anymore. switching to the kin2m.

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How do you fix your phone The end button does not work and your phone shut off Is there another way to turn it back on?

i don't know about your phone but with mine the end button stopped working as well, i just take out the battery and put it back in and it turns on on its own stinks because you cant hang up the phone if you call some one on accident -_-