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make it clear that your not interested in either of them. even if you are. try to make them focus on someone else. give them a reason not to fight over you.

Well, if two girls were fighting over me, I would tell them that if they want to be friends with me, they would have to get along with each other. Tell them you arn't going to just have one friend.

If these girls want you that much you are a lucky guy there must be something they love about you if they are both trying to win you they need to earn you get them to take you by the hand and then have them pull you by the hand/arm as hard as they can they will be playing human tug a war over you over time somebody lets go and the girl hanging on is the winner hopefully it is the one you like dont be afriad to try it it feels really good its happened to me before several times

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Q: Two girls are fighting over you what do you do?
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