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A turn on for a girl can be breathing in their ear or touching their neck.

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Q: Turn ons for girls
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What is Louis Tomlinson's turn ons?

Girls that wear glasses fake or not girls who have loud laughs girls who take risks girls who r chatty bubbly humor and spontaneous Girls that eat carrots and girls that like Lamborghini's!

What are the release dates for Retrosexual The 80's - 2004 Turn Ons?

Retrosexual The 80's - 2004 Turn Ons was released on: USA: 2004

What are turn ons?

turn ons are kinda like when... when you get excited for christmas. it just comes from somewhere deep inside, and you really can't TURN IT OFF! its hard to explain, ask your parents.

What are girl turn ons about a guy?

girls like boys with big chest sexy kissable lips a nice talk and walk a good attitude plain spoken

How do you turn on a younger guy?

ask him what his turn ons are lol otherwise forget about it. lol

Turn ons for guys?

they love it when you bite your lip around them

What are Cody Simpsons turn ons?

some one who is chill

What is Niall Horan's turn ons?

Bieng funny hotpants farting

What is One Directions turn ons?

Liam likes knee socks Harry likes giggling and smiling. Zayn likes tattoo's Niall likes girls who aren't afraid to eat Louis likes funny girls The boys don't like girls who burp, fart and scream in their face. They like it when girls actually talk to them.

What are the release dates for Black Men Revealed - 2007 Head to Toe Turn Ons and Turn Offs 1-5?

Black Men Revealed - 2007 Head to Toe Turn Ons and Turn Offs 1-5 was released on: USA: 11 February 2007

Is sneezing considered a turn-on?

Turn-ons vary widely among people. Many times, things of a seemingly unsexual nature, such as sneezing, can be turn-ons for a small amount of people. If you want to know about a specific person, there is no better way than to ask them!

How can you get your boyfriend in the mood?

Find out his turn ons..usually some sensual kissing works