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Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

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Q: Today they say that they were both lying yesterday?
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Two men say they lies one monday through Wednesday the other says Thursday through Saturday if they both lied yesterday hat day is it?

Thursday. One guy is lying about lying yesterday, while one is telling the truth. The only day this is true is Thursday.

What is today if it was tomorrow but then tomorrow was today but then tomorrow was yesterday?

ok lets say today is monday. and if today is monday and today is tomorrow then tomorrow would be monday. then yesterday would be monday because tomorrow is yesterday.

They both say the truth except for the days when they always lie The fisherman lies on monday Tuesday and Wednesday. The hunter lies on Thursday Friday and Saturday. Which day is today.?

Today is Thursday. The fisherman tells you he lied yesterday because he lies on Wednesday and tells the truth on Thursday. The hunter lies on Thursdays, but tells the truth on Wednesday. Therefore he is lying that he lied on Wednesday.This is really a difficult question.

How do you say see in past?

saw. Today, I see a tree. Yesterday, I saw a tree.

How do you say tomorrow in latin?

Hodie means today and coridie means yesterdayThe question is for "tomorrow," not "today" or "yesterday." The answer is cras.

Are there bald eagles near Union City MO?

yes,i say a couple yesterday and today in union.

Say 3 days without repeating the days monday Friday and Sunday?

today, yesterday, tomorrow

Which is correct to say 'you were here' or 'you was here'?

The verb tense is the same in both examples. Both examples can be used correctly."Where were you?" is a complete sentence."Where you were" is not complete on its own. "Is that where you were standing?"

How do you say the days of the week today tomorrow and yesterday in Tigrinya?

Monday=Sony Tuesday=Soloose Wednesday=Reba'h Thursday=Hamoose Friday=Arbee Saturday=Kedam Sunday=Senbet Today=Lowmee Tomorrow=Tsba'h Yesterday=Tehmalee

How do you say yesterday in fijian?

noa as in noah yesterday - noa today - nikua tomorrow - mataka next week - macawa mai qo last week - macawa sa oti

How do you say yesterday in Japanese?

昨日 read both /ki nou/ and less commonly /sa ku ji tsu/ means 'yesterday' in Japanese.

When was Say Hello to Yesterday created?

Say Hello to Yesterday was created in 1970.