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Contact the maker or find a book on the maker.

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Q: To check a seiral number on a rifle?
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What year was colt single action pistol seiral number 288844?

about 1908

Can check who owns rifle with serial number?


Where do you locate a model number and serial number on a rifle?

Check the receiver and barrel.

Winchester rifle how to find seriel number?

Check the receiver, barrel

Were is the model number on the interarms 243 rifle?

Check old gun catalogs

Where is the serial number on a Springfield M1863 rifle?

CHeck the barrel, butt and breech.

Where is the serial number on a Browning safari grade rifle located?

Check the receiver.

How do you tell if 30 30winchester rifle is a pre 1964?

Serial number check

Where is the serial number on the bolt on a browning a-bolt rifle?

Check the barrel and receiver

What year was your rifle made serial number 33491k72?

Check again, that's not a Winchester serial number.

What year was gun madeREMINGTON760 Seiral?

You will need to call Remington.

Where can you find parts for your high standard 22 cal semi-auto rifle?

Check with a gunsmith, or find the model number of your rifle, and check on line parts supply houses, like