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It's not as easyas buy them lunch one tiime and then your best friends. It takes time, i used to be like you... i had been kicked out of popularity and had noone, but you have to stay faithful and gradually start trying to hang out with them. over the last 3 weeks i have become better and better friends with someone, but still we're only just friends. i hope to become his best friend and if you take it slow gradually start chatting with someone you'll soon be close.

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Q: Tips on how to become someones best friend?
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How do you become someones bestfriend?

Well... To become someones bestfriend you have to get to know them first. Talk about your hobbies and things you have in common. Also, be honest to your friend, don't try and impress him/her just be yourself. Each day try and get to know them better, and eventually you will be best friends. But, don't try and be their best friend on the first day, just talk to them a little. You can't rush a friendship!!

How do you become friends with your enmey tips?

well hang out more with them if it doesn't work keep on working on that .You will have your "WORSTS ENEMY transform into your best friend.

What do you do if someones always pulling your best friend away from you?

Tell your friend how you feel. If he/she is a true friend she will understand how your feeling. You also have to remember he/she is entitled to more than 1 friend. Remember not to be obsessive with your friend.

What are the tips for tempt a girl?

ask their best friend what their likings are and organise something that they like.

How do you text your best friend in the miss popularity game?

You can't the phone is used for game tips but when you open your phone you lose friend status. You can call your best friend on your home phone tho.

Is it proper to introduce someone as your best friend to your new friends?

i would say no because u dont want to pick favorites or someones feelings could get hurt You can, however, introduce your friend, just don't refer to this person as your best friend. "This is my friend Bert."

What if your ex who is now ure best friend only you start have feelings for her again What are the best tips to get her back?

dont be a creeper.

Why is your boyfriend and your best friend always together?

he wants to get tips from her to please your and make you happy, or he likes her, or they are best friends as well

Who is the best friend of Lucy lawless?

Best lawless people can become the good friend of other Lawless .

What do you do when your best friend is placed in a different class and becomes best friends with someone else?

try to become friends with that person that your best friend is friends with. MAybe you can become a trio.

How do you deal with your best friend's other best friend?

Try talking to he/she maybe you all 3 will become the best of friends

What should I do if my best friend isn't my friend anymore?

You should just move on with your life and become friend with someone else and just that best friend that is not your friend anymore>