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This product is discontinued.

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Q: This product is discontinued.
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No. This product has been discontinued for years.?

No. This product has been discontinued for years.

Why is there no milpar in chemists?

The product has been discontinued

Why is there no Milpar in any chemists?

The product has been discontinued

How do you use discontinued in a compound sentence?

This product line has been discontinued, but a new one will replace it soon.

Do have a source to find and or buy a discontinued Hair product NRG reconstructor by Nucleic A?

Discontinued Beauty Supply (on-line)

Does Nabisco still make waffle cream cookies?

No. Discontinued in 2001 but I don know why. They were delicious.

What happened to the Carter-Wallace product Antiphlogistine medicated poultice?

manufacturer discontinued product without warning

Where do I get English Raspberry Cream Tea made General foods?

This product was discontinued.

How do you get into the weird n wild creatures website?

You can't. This product has been discontinued.

Do the insurance companies have to match the vinyl siding if its a discontinued product?

No. If it's discontinued, that means it may no longer be possible to buy that product nor match it. Most insurance policy language specifically exclude match issues from coverage.

Why is Harman Kardon Drive Play 2 discontinued?

In my experience Harmon Kardon, the company, makes excellent speakers. If they have discontinued some other product then they should be able to tell you why

Will call of duty black ops hardened edition be available after the game comes out?

No, it is not going to be released onto the marketplace or in stores again after this. Its a discontinued product. As of today, It is still discontinued.

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