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It sounds like he might like you. There are guys though that are normally like that so it's not for sure that he does. Just try getting to hang out with him sometimes or to talk to him a little. Does he brush his hair with his fingers when he talks to you? Does he seem a little nervous if you guys are alone? Or, when he teases you, does he make positively sure that you know he was kidding? If so, he probably does like you. Some guys disguise love or liking with slight bullying.

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Q: This guy I like always teases me sometimes mean but he always says sorry or I'm just kidding does this mean he likes me or does he just looks at me as a friend?
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I like this guy who lives in my neighborhood so we hang out everyday. He teases me and sometimes he's mean. He always says 'I am sorry' or 'just kidding'. Does he like me?

Ask him. It's the only way to be certain...

What does it mean when a guy friend always teases you that you have a crush on him?

it means that they may be into you.

How do you now a guy likes you?

When sometimes he teases you when he touches your hair when he says you like his friend when he talk and stares at you alot

Hes my best friend n always gives es hugs when i want 1 he always touches me n teases n'hits' me were always together but he sometimes starts flirting with 1other girl when im around does he like me?

It is possible, but he might not want to ruin the friendship that the two of you have built.

How can you tell if a guy is in ln love with you?

you can defanitly tell when the guy is always looking at you and if he is nice to u and sometimes if he teases you or picks on you

How do you tell if a guy friend likes you?

They say if he teases you.

What if he always teases you in facebook?

if i does tease you then ignore him.

Emmett Cullen teases Bella because he likes her as a friend there good friends always get along and the like family right?

yes that's true

If a guy does everything you say that guys do if they like you but teases you about it does he like you?

yeah, this guy at my school always teases me but my friend went up to him and asked him if he likes me and said no with a little smile and thenn said yeahh just a little. lol but yeahh i thinkk he likess yuhh*(:

What does that mean if your guy friend sometimes teases you and sometimes cares about you?

It doesn't "mean" anything, it's just how he acts. If you want to know how he feels ask him, don't ask us ten thousand variations on the same question.

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