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Just because a girl thinks you have pretty eyes does not mean she likes you. It could just mean that she likes your eyes.

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Q: This girl says I have pretty eyes does she like me?
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What does it mean when a girl says you have pretty eyes?

it means the female is in heating

Does Justin like girls with big eyes?

He says how he likes girls with pretty idk are big eyes pretty?

This girl says I have pretty eyes what does it mean?

That statements means what is it's literal meaning.It means that your eyes loving and they look great maybe because of the color of iris.She might like you just because of your eyes.That is a compliment and want to start some relationship with you is another aspect of that statement.

What quality does Joe Jonas want in his wife?

He says he loves a girl with a sense of humor, pretty eyes, and knows how to dress.

What is Harry Styles favourite eye color for a girl?

Harry doesn't mind the colour of a girls eye. But he says he prefers blue eyes on a girl but he likes all colours. He likes a girl with really pretty eyes

This girl i like kept asking me who i liked last year she made me look into her eyes this year she knows i like her but said no when i asked her out now she says she likes someone else does she likeme?

Depends on what type of girl she is but over all yeah pretty much

What does it mean when a boy says you have pretty eyes?

its means that you have pretty eyes i guess maybe...he likes you and he thinks you're really pretty but your eyes are the prettiest part on you face.

What does it mean if a boy says you are pretty and have pretty eyes and a pretty face?

He likes you and wants to talk to you.

Does Cody Simpson like Brown hair and brown eyes?

Yes, everybody says that cody has said he liked a girl with brown eyes and dark hair, he's writing a song called pretty brown eyes. He likes long hair more than short.

What to say when a girl says like your eyes?

try saying, thank you and smiling. Dont keep the attention on yourself though, if you like the girl slip a compliment about her in there.

Who is the little boy from Pretty girl shake it By the rangers?

I belive his name is century the little one that says i like it like that

What does sterling Knight like in a girl?

i read in a magazine that he likes outstanding girls, girls that like to have fun, but can be serious too. He loves making them laugh and he hates drama. He also likes girls that take care of themselves. ;pPaula Says: he likes girl that have a pretty good smile and beautiful eyes cause he thinks that by lukin at de eyes u can see the girl personality.Hope I helped.

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