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Yes, the girl's face turns read probably because she likes you and wants to spend time with you. Have fun.

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Q: This girl face turns red when she's sitting next to me does she like me?
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My crush face turns red when I tell her I like her why?

If your crushes face turns red when you tell her you like it it is likely she is a little shocked and happy, and her face blushes because of the bodies response to emotions.

Is it good when you hug a girl and she turns red?

yupp! if shes red on her face that means she was blushing which is what girls usually do if they like you or if there embarrassed.

If a girl looks at you many times can it be possible that she dislikes you?

If she looks at you with a smile on her face or if you catch her looking at you and her face turns red then she likes you, but is shy. If she makes a face when she looks at you then you can count on the fact she doesn't like you.

Is the person from sitting on the toilet a girl or a boy?

It is a girl i like the end when she's like and flush

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Depends on whether you'd like an ass in your face, for a prolonged period of time.

How can you tell the girl in your class you like her?

tell her face-to-face and maybe she will like you

Why do I like the idea of having a hot girl fart on my face?

Because it smells good. I wouldn't say that ! Maybe it is the idea of her sitting on your face more than the fart. A lot of men enjoy oral during sexual relationships.

Do girls like face sitting?

Some do, some don't. Majority of them do. Depends on the person.

What does a girl getting Trained mean?

it means like a group of people taking turns on a girl

Why Car will not start after sitting a while turns over like it wants to start but just doesn't go?

you craped in it

How do you get a girl to like you but you are nervous?

Just be yourself and if she turns you down move on.

Why does a guy like to nibble on a girls ear?

Because it turns the girl on.