Best Answer old are you?17 teen in i am giong to be 18 teen next year but i think i am preqnancy again and i got the symptoms
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Q: Think im pregnant but feel like im going to start my period help me?
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Is it likely to get pregnant 2 days after your period?

No, I don't think so. Typically you ovulate 2 weeks after the start of your period. That's the most likely time to get pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant during menstrual cycle?

You are constantly in a menstrual cycle. It is the 28 days from the start of one period to the start of another. What I think you meant to ask is "Can you get pregnant during Menstruation?" Menstruation is your period. You can get pregnant during this time, but your chances are very low.

What pill is given to start your period and is it harmful if you think you maybe pregnant?

Before using a drug to start your period it would be wise to use a pregnancy test, if you are pregnant it won't work but could cause birth defects.

What does it mean when you start bleeding after not have a period for five years?

women out their i think it means that u r pregnant

Can you start your period being two months pregnant?

Yes you can have your period!

Can you get pregnant the night before you start your period and the next day have your period?

Yes. You can get pregnant anytime. Always use protection if you do not want to get pregnant.

What happens if you've already conceived when you start taking birth control pills?

You should not be pregnant when you start taking the pills as you start taking them within a week of the start of your period and if you have a period you are 99.5% sure you are not pregnant. However if you are pregnant the pills will have no effect.

Can you get pregnant even if you didnt start your period?

No you can't.

Can you get pregnant 18 days after the start of the last period?


Can you get pregnant 25 days after period start?

Yes you can :) I got pregnant 25 days after the start of my period. My period began on March 13th and I conceived on April 7th....and not a day before 4/7

Can you be pregnant if you feel like you are going to start your period No protection all month and we are wanting to conceive. Sex atleast 4 times a week. I start my Pms on the 2nd could I be preg.?

No, you can't be pregnant. Sorry. yes you can not great chances but you can

Will you still start a period after going off hormonal birth control if you're already pregnant?

yes, but you need to tell your OB about it as soon as possible.