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Walk away. If he loves you he will try to get you back. If he is playing you he will move on to the next girl without a thought.

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Q: There is this boy who says he loves you i love him to but it is starting to seem like he is just playing you how do you know if is or not?
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Do Naruto love hinita?

I think not, he just likes her as a friend, cause he does know she loves him, but if he finds out he will probably start feeling more for her. doesnt. In the manga, she tells him, and he like didnt do anything. He loves Sakura and I think Sakura is starting to like him but still loves Sasuke...

What do you do if you have a guy friend who loves you as a friend but you begin to like him but you don't want to ruin your frienship?

just let him know that you re starting to have feelings for them. and if they are really your friend, no matter what they will be there

How do you know that your girlfriend really loves you?

just ask her

How can you tell when a person loves you or not?

it's will just know

How can we know that the person loves you?

that is npt really a question that can be answered... you should just know..

What shall you do if you know the girl your best mate loves is just using him for attenchion but he loves her?

maybe u should just tell him the truth....... :S

How do you know that he actually loves you?

He'll say it to you. Just give him time.

How do you know if she loves you?

Easy just ask her if she loves you and if she say's no ask her friends because there bound to know the real anser.If the friends say she does ask her to be your girlfriend!!

How do you know if a boy loves you just the way you are?

If a boy lets you make your own decisions, listens to you when you are talking, and doesn't want you to change, he loves you just the way you are.

How did you know if the person really loves you?

You just know. Maybe they'll stand by you through everything. You'll know if they do.

How do you find if a boy is your friend or loves you?

Most times You just Know. Body Language Is The Best Way To Know. If He Talks Of Other Girls He Likes, Then You Know He's Just A Friend. If He Doesn't Like To Hear About The Guys You talk About....He Loves you.

How do you know that wheather a girl love a boy or not?

she loves to talk to him she messes with him and she cant stay away from him! and if they have each others number...she wont stop caling or texting him... or she just like playing hard to get!