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the state of tension between nations without armed conflict was know by having the handbook. the intentional relation was founded lately during 2001 for all of the countries out there

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Q: The state of tension between nations without armed conflict was know as what?
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What is war without direct military conflict?

Technically, "Peace". But you're probably looking for the term "cold war", which was actually an arms race between two sets of atomic weapon armed nations; which never fought each other with their military forces (there never was a WWIII). You really cannot use the term "cold war" to describe any "war without direct military conflict" because then all peaceful times thru out history could be called "cold wars." This particular cold war (1945-1990) was strictly between the nuclear armed communist nations and the free world, led by the US.

What was article X in the fourteen points?

article 10 was that if a conflict did ever arise that threaten a country under the control of the League of Nations( now known as the United Nations) that all countries would collaborate together to solve the conflict without causing a war, which is everyone gangs up on the little kid that thinks he is tough and then gets crossed out of the equation

What are some famous quotes from Hieki Tojo?

"Justice has nothing to do with victor nations and vanquished nations, but must be a moral standard that all the world's peoples can agree to. To seek this and to achieve it - that is true civilization." "It goes without saying that when survival is threatened, struggles erupt between peoples, and unfortunate wars between nations result. "

What statement is true regarding the cause of the Cold War?

The U.S. and the U.S.S.R. were involved in a conflict between communism and capitalism. It was an ideological conflict without any direct interaction between the countries. It was also a "war" based solely on fears, propaganda, and posturing.

The term detente refers to?

The detente refers to a phase of the Cold War during which the tension between the US and the USSR relaxed,but without a definite settlement. It took place during 1968 to 1979.

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The state of tension between nations without armed conflict between the main rivals was known as the?

The Cold War

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Cold War. Jessie Andrews.

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What is the difference between cold war and proxy war-?

A Cold War is a war without open military conflict between two or more nations which includes spying, sabotage, and economic and political brinksmanship designed to bring the opposing nation(s) to submission or failure. A Proxy War is a war where the nations in military conflict are being directly and often primarily funded by greater nations who are often in a cold war against each other. This allows for military conquest without the need to send one's own troops into battle. The US and the USSR used this strategy in nations around the world during their cold war. This was done most notably in South and Central America and The Middle East.