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The Leg Lamp in "A Christmas Story" was a major award that Ralphie's father won after solving a puzzle about The Lone Ranger. He liked the Lamp but Ralphie's mother really hated it so much and thought it was ugly that after a few days of Ralphie's father owning the Lamp she broke it and it made Ralphie's father enraged and he accused her of being jealous of the Lamp but she finally admits she broke it on purpose saying that it was the ugliest lamp she ever saw in her life. Ralphie's father found glue and tried to fix the lamp but it wouldn't stay together and so he buried it and played the funeral son "Taps"

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The leg lamp in "A Christmas Story" is a major plot point and iconic symbol from the movie. It is an outlandish, fishnet stocking-clad leg lamp that the main character's father proudly displays in the front window, causing mixed reactions from others in the neighborhood. The leg lamp represents the father's quirky personality and is a humorous element in the film.

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Q: The leg lamp in the Christmas story?
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What was the shape of the lamp in A Christmas Story?

The lamp in A Christmas Story was in the shape of a leg wearing mesh hosiery and a high heel.

Where did the lady in the lamp come from?

The leg lamp came from the movie "A Christmas Story".

In the movie a Christmas story what did Ralph call the leg lamp in the window?

In The Christmas Story, Ralphie refers to the leg lamp as electric sex. His father preferred to call it his major award.

What country they thought the crate was from that contained the leg lamp on Christmas story?


What major award does Ralphies dad earn in Christmas story?

A leg lamp.

What was the award Ralphie's father won in A Christmas Story?

Ralphie's father won a "major prize" in the form of a lamp shaped like a woman's leg in the movie "A Christmas Story."

What movie is famous for having a leg lamp?

The movie with the leg lamp is called "Christmas Story". It is a comedy movie following a boy named Ralphie having Christmas with his disfunctional family.

What is the best leg lamp offered?

The best leg lamp offered is typically considered to be the "official" leg lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story." It is a replica of the lamp featured in the film and is licensed by Warner Bros. It is known for its attention to detail and authenticity.

What was the Major Award in the popular movie Christmas Story?

A "sexy" female leg table lamp

How did he win the leg lamp?

The Old Man from ''A Christmas Story'' won the Leg Lamp by solving a puzzle that stated "What is the name of the Lone Ranger's Nephew's Horse?" and his wife told him the answer: "Victor"

How does one find a Christmas story lamp?

I would honestly check on ebay, that is where I end up finding all my 'different' trinkets.

Is the leg lamp making a big come back?

I don't think so. The Leg Lamp made it's splash in the cult classic "A Christmas Story". However, it has not been mentioned or thought of since then. It is a collectors item that can be purchased through several retailers that promote "A Christmas Story" paraphanalia, but it is not going to be a popular fad.