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The constitution should prohibit the states from participating in the international slave trade.

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Q: The issue of slavery at the constitution convention was actually about?
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Slavery how important it was in the constitution?

How important was the issue of slavery in the Constitution?

Southern proslavery arguments did NOT include the belief that slavery was?

Southern proslavery arguments did not include the belief that slavery was mandated by the Constitution of the United States. Slavery had been a contentious issue between the North and South since the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Why were the framers silent on the issue of slavery in the constitution?

Slavery was a normal thing before.

How was the issue of slavery addressed at the convention?

Slavery remained legal so that the states would stay united.

How was the issue of slavery address at the convention?

Slavery remained legal so that the states would stay united.

How did sectionalism and the issue of slavery influence the Constitution?

There were many people that opposed slavery. For this reason it was necessary to include a section that banned slavery for the passing of the US Constitution to go through..

How did the Constitutional Convention deal with slavery?

The Constitutional Convention dealt with slavery issue in a conclusive manner. The addressed the rights of the slaves and their right to own property among other contentious issues.

Why was the constitution convention important?

The issue was the apportioning of legislative representation.

What issue did the convention of delegates refuse to settle in 1787?

There were several, but I bet the one you're thinking of was slavery.

Coming out of the constitutional convention which unresolved issue would have the greatest impact later on American history?


What did the northwest ordinance differ from the constitution on the issue of slavery?

The Northwest Ordinance outlawed slavery in the territory. However the ordinance did allow for indentured servants to be held in the territory. The US Constitution did not prohibit slavery at that time.

How doe the US Constitution deal with slavery?

The US Constitution side steps the issue of slavery. The writers at the Constitutional Convention did this on purpose in order to ensure a higher chance of the new constitution being passed and also to reduce conflict between convention members. It counts slaves as 1/5 of a person when taking into consideration how many people reside within a state. This number went towards how much representation went to slave states within the House of Representatives.