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Q: The food for the growing embryo inside the eggs is in?
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Where is the food for growing embryo inside the eggs?

The yolk supplies all the nutrients for the growing embryo.

How do ducks eat inside their eggs?

The yolk of the egg is the "food" for the growing embryo. When the duckling emerges from the egg the yolk has been all used up.

What is the source of food for the growing embryo inside the eggs of birds?

The yolk is the complete source of nutrition for the growing embryo of a fertilized and incubated egg. The white part or albumen is only 15% proteins and it's main function is to protect the yolk.

What is inside an olive seed?

my sweet heart also the embryo of an olive tree, and some food for the embryo to consume when and if it is able to start growing.

What is the food source of the growing embryo of the seed?

That depends on what animal because baby chickens feed on the yolk inside the egg while a human embryos get food and oxygen from their mother's umbilical cord.

Does the stigma of a plant contain food for the embryo?

the ---------- contains food for the embryo?

What inside a reptiles embryo provides food?

The yolk inside the egg.

How does an embryo get its nourishment inside the mother womb?

Embryo gets its food via placenta .

Where do developing chicks in eggs obtain their food?

They get their nourishment from the yolk inside the egg. As the embryo develops, it absorbs the yolk until it's ready to hatch.

What does the embryo inside a seed use for food?


What is the importance of the egg yolk?

The egg yolk is food for the growing embryo.

Is there a seed inside the coconut?

The coconut itself is a seed (the complete thing). The outer husk is a flotation devise and the bit inside the hard shell is the food store (and water store) for the growing embryo.