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The most extreme thing i can think of is stripping off and humping a plush Pokemon doll

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Q: The extent to which children go to be accepted by their peers?
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How you go on with your peers?

The best way to go on with your peers is to only engage in activities that are positive, and always resist negative peer pressure.

In the religion Asatru where do the children go when they pass on?

Children who die as virgins may attend to the Goddess Gefjon. However, it is generally accepted that most people who die, at least temporarily, go to Hel.

To what extent has the school participated child advocacy?

If schools see a serious problem with a child, they will go to the local authorities. They will do whatever they need to do to keep their children safe.

If you go to trial for a crime the constitution guarantees us ''a jury of your peers'' who are your peers?

There is nothing in the Constitution or Bill of Rights that guarantees a trial by a jury of one's peers. The 6th Amendment refers only to an impartial jury. In fact it does not mention a requirement of 12 jurors not that their decision be unanimous.

What does the word extent mean?

to what degree or level did something go to.

Why do adolescents agree with peers?

To project status similar to those whom they wish to be accepted or approved by. The prime example being other adolescents they need approval from in order to pursue a sexual desire(not necessarily sex, could be a simple crush), since these desires are felt very intensely in a developing young person's life.

Why are parents embarassed about their children knowing how they made them?

Most parents are not so much embarrassed about telling their children how they were born, but apprehensive as to how much they should go into detail depending on the age of the child. There are a few parents who simply do not like to discuss sexual matters with their children, but, in schools or from their peers children will soon find out. It is far better for parents to decide just how much their children should know and tell them the truth rather than to hear uneducated guesses from the child's friends or others.

What is the difference between life peers and hereditary peers Lords Temporal and Lords Spiritual?

A Life Peer is someone who has a noble title but it is not hereditary- the title does not automatically go to his heir when he dies.A Hereditary Peer is someone who has a noble title but it is hereditary- the title will automatically go to his heir (typically his oldest son) upon his death.The Lords Temporal are Peers (Life or Hereditary) who are sitting members of the House of Lords in Parliament.The Lords Spiritual are high ranking bishops from the Anglican Church who also members of the House of Lords.

What was the extent of your involvement in the kokoda track war?

go away benno

How is your relationship with your peers different from your relationship with your parents?

it how u go thoug thing that the way u live life

Are children allowed to go to space?

no children are not alloud to go to space but children want to.

What is the impact of negative peers on a student?

The negative peers can drag the student down, by encouraging the student to engage in bad behavior. For example, a straight A student starts hanging out with the wrong people, and his grades go down to straight Ds.