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A major difference between a public university and a private university is price.

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Q: The differences between a public unviesity and a private?
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Well ask yourself what the difference between "public" and "private" is. This isn't rocket science!

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public means anyone private means certain people that already knew about the corporation

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There are two varying differences between public international law and private international law. Public international law helps to govern the relationships between states and entities. Private international law addresses the jurisdiction for the case.

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PUBLIC COMPANY: It is handed over by the goverments. PRIVATE COMPANY: It can be by their own and came up.

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The difference between public sector and private sector is that when you're in the public sector you work for the government whereas private sector is not. Same applies to accounting.

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the most important difference between public and private sectors is that private sector mostly makes profits and public sector wastes citizens' taxes without no control. however, there is no similarity between them.

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The main difference between public wants and private wants in business is the key words private and public. Private is personal clientele and their personal needs such as jets, hotels, and restaurants. Public wants are governments costs, marketing, and such.

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