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First off here are the definitions of the different types of citizens

The generally accepted definition of a duty-based citizen would stem from traditional American citizenship ideals such as; voting, paying taxes, and belonging to a political party.

An engaged citizen emphasizes a more assertive role for the citizen and a broader definition of the elements of citizenship. They include social concerns and the welfare of others.

For example, an engaged citizen may protest and have a lack of trust in politicians or government and prefer to take a more direct action and support many social programs and different viewpoints. Whereas, a duty-based citizen puts a lot of trust within the government

In the past several decades the US has seen a shift in duty-based citizens moving toward a more engaged citizen.

civil duty can be easily defined in a number of different ways depending on what type of citizen you would categorize yourself as, but typically it follows the construct of the duty-based citizen: jury duty, voting, paying taxes, etc.

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Q: The difference between civil duty and engaged citizen?
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