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selawinoff's test

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Q: Tests to differentiate between an aldose and ketose?
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Is maltose a ketose?

Because sucrose is a complex disaccharide, it is not classified as either an aldose or a ketone. Instead, it is a compound that contains both. It can be easily broken down into its component aldose and ketonic molecules, either during digestion in the body, or through exposure to acids such as those present in lemon juice while cooking.Additionally, sucrose will fail tests such as Benedict's test, which are designed to detect aldose molecules present in its makeup. This is because of its unique, closed-chain type of molecular structure.

What are the Physical and chemical tests to differentiate between meat of dead animals and live slaughtered animals?

what are physical and chemical tests to differentiate between meat of dead animals and live slaughtered animals?

Does a drug test differentiate between Ultram and Norco?

It depends on the type of tests.

What are diagnostic tests?

Test(s) to differentiate between conditions. In medicine, to specifically diagnose a disease.

How do you differentiate between sulphate salts and chloride salts?

Making qualitative analytical chemistry tests.

What test can be used to identify the presence of the fructose?

Seliwanoff's test is used to differentiate aldose [glucose] from ketose [fructose]. Seliwanoff's reagent is composed of resorcinol and HCl. When heated with concentrated hydrochloric acid, the polysaccharides and oligosaccharides hydrolyze to yield monosaccharides. Then, resorcinol reacts in the dehydrated ketose to form oxymethylfurfurol produce a deep cherry red color [red precipitate]. Aldoses produces a faint pink colored solution.

Biochemical tests to differentiate between typical and atypical tuberculosis?

PCR testing should be used to distinguish between M.tuberculosis from other atypical non tuberculous mycobacteria.

What tests could you perform to differentiate between Salmonella altendorf Salmonella brezany Salmonella tinda and Salmonella abortus bovis?

20e API kit

How can you differentiate between biased and discriminate?

Show prejudice for or against (someone or something) unfairly: "the tests were biased against women"; "a biased view of the worldRecognize a distinction; differentiate.Perceive or constitute the difference in or between

What is a sentence using the word distinguish?

Distinguish is similar in meaning to differentiate. An example would be, teachers use tests to distinguish between successful students and unsuccessful students.

Differentiate between objective and projective testing?

The responses to projective tests are content analyzed for meaning rather than being based on presuppositions about meaning, as in the case with objective test.

Can a drug test tell which route you take a drug?

Drug tests can not differentiate the means of taking a drug.