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depends on if ur a boy or girl ik im not much help right now but i would be if i knew if u were a boy or girl

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Q: Teen flirting tips
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Where can one learn some flirting tips online?

The best place to find flirting tips is a magazine such as Cosmopolitan or Seventeen. Both magazines usually always have articles on flirting, love and romance. Check out their website if you want to find it online.

Tips for flirting with a boy?

Make out with him until he gets the idea and then sleep with him.

Where can you find tips on fashion for teens?

Any Teen Magazine

Good flirting tips for women?

Go to a night club and get the guy you like totally pised.

Any advice or tips for teen drivers?

Tips for the first time teen driving I would say being able to be in control of the car and not letting little distractions be the caused of a car accident.

How do you break the news to parents of teen pregnancy?


What are some of the best teen fashion magazines available?

There are two popular teen magazines that center on fashion. Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazines provide tips, articles and fashion advise for teen girls.

Tips on flirting?

my advice is, say how fond of him/her you are, and call him/her hot and beautiful and make them feel good about yourself :-D

What are the release dates for The Weather Channel Weekend View - 2006 Teen Car Care Tips?

The Weather Channel Weekend View - 2006 Teen Car Care Tips was released on: USA: 18 August 2012

Is teen vogue worth getting?

if you are into high fashion, go with teen vogue. BUT if you are more into celebrites, tips, and "everyday" fashion seventeen magazine is better

You like this guy and you think he likes you too how can you tell if he likes you back?

Lightly flirt with him. There a probably flirting tips on the internet if you need help with it.

Whats the best teen magazine to buy?

The best teen magazine at the momment is SUGAR. It is full of fashion, make up tips, celeb stories and a lot more!