Tap settings then Wi

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Tap settings then Wireless Networks

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Q: Tap settings then Wi
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How do you get WiFi on the iPod touch?

go to the "settings" app, then tap "wi-fi". Your iPod will automatically pick up any wi-fi around you, tap a network to use it, type a password if it needs it

How do you go online with the iPod touch?

step 1: tap settings step 2: tap wi-fi (first bar at the top) step 3: tap a wi-fi network (iPod Touch automatically searches for wi-fi) step 4: enter a password if it needs one step 5: enjoy your internet

How do you get internet service on the iPod?

Well here are some steps. 1. Tap Settings 2. Tap Wi-Fi 3. If you have Wi-Fi, Tap a Network You want to use. *It will sometimes work if it doesn't have a passcode. 4. Enjoy your internet:)

How do you get Wi-Fi on your iPod?

To get Wi-Fi, you must be near a wireless router. Then, go to settings, and then to Wi-Fi. Tap on the router you wish to access (and enter a password or WEP key if necessary). The iPod will connect to the router and you now have Wi-Fi access from the range of the router.

Tap Settings on the ?

Tap Settings on the IPad. Tap Mail, Contacts & Calendars Let me know when you get to that spot.

How do you hook your iPod touch to the internet?

There needs to be a wireless network in the area (wi-fi). When there is one... turn on the ipod. Tap the "Settings" app. Tap the Wi-fi option. Then the wireless network's name should appear. Tap the network, and it may ask for a password. Once you enter the password you should be able to access the internet.

How do you unlock phone lock code on Samsung Rogue?

So, tap "Menu" on your screen, and then tap "Settings and Tools". After that, tap "Phone Settings", and then tap "Security".

How can i get on to the wi fi network?

Go to settings, then to general, and then to Wi-Fi. It will search for local routers, and then just tap the one you want to join (and enter a password if it is locked. This will only work if you are near a wireless router (within 150 feet).

How do you get internet on your dsi without a wi-fi connection?

From the DSi Menu, tap System Settings, then Internet (on page 3), then Connection Settings, then an open connection. Tap Search for an Access Point and then your router, and enter the security key if you have one. For more information, click the link below.

Where can you find a wireless connection for the ipod touch wi-fi so you can use safari and YouTube?

you go to settings click on wi-fi then tap the title of your home wi-fi or a title that on the side has no symbol of a lock and connect to the one closess to the top!!!!!!! the best app. i`ve had is SANSTORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get WiFi on dsi?

go on to system settings and look for Internet then tap it then tap connection settings then tap any connection and then it will automatically connect to wifi

How do you get wi-fi on the iPhone 2g?

To get Wi-Fi on your iPhoneGo to Settings > Wi-Fi > Turn it on > and choose your connection.