Take your name off Facebook

Updated: 4/28/2022
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SO you go to settings - account setting- and it will say change click on that. and that will chaneg your name.

It will take couple of weeks for the Facebook Authorities to confirm it.


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Q: Take your name off Facebook
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How do you take your name off of Facebook?

click settings at top, and click name and change!

How can you get your name off Facebook?

Contact a facebook staff member and request your account to be deleted.

How do you take off timeline?

on Facebook? You can't.

How do take off your facebook?

In ur accnt privacy

How do you take off apps on Facebook?

You delete your account

How do you delete Facebook friends on aim?

first take then off of facebook then log out of aim then log back in

How i get rid of someone in facebook?

To remove someone from your Facebook you unfriend them and if that doesn't work you can block them. That will take them off.

How do you take photos off facebook?

To take off a photo on the Facebook app all you have to do is slide your ginger near the photo and a remove button should pop up on the side of your photo all you have to do is click that Remember this is only for the Facebook app (I think)

How do you take off when you mark spam by mistake in Facebook?

un mark it

How do you get your name off Facebook?

go to privacy settings and change it thats it

How do you take pictures off MySpace and put them on Facebook?

By adding the Myspace picture to your computer, and then uploading the picture from your computer to Facebook.

How do you take my name off Facebook?

There may be no way to do it besides contacting Facebook Help and having them do it. You can always remove all information from your profile, disconnect from all friends, and otherwise make the account unreachable, and therefor moot.