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look in a mirrior or if you really have to ask for help

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Q: Stud nose ring you cant see the metal end of the nose ring inside of your nose you want to take it out but you cant get it out what can you do?
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You cant get your nose stud out?

Go see your piercer for help.

How do you remove a nose stud that is twisted into your nose?

You untwist it.

Which is more popular - a nose ring or stud?

A stud definitely x

Can you put anything on the inside of your freshly pierced fishtail nose stud to support it?

You have to keep this piercing very clean, to prevent infection,so you should not put anything in your nose.

How do you put a back on a regular stud in your nostril?

To put a back on a regular stud in your nostril, gently insert the stud into your piercing until the front is in place. Then, hold the back of the stud and push it against the back of your nostril until secure. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid discomfort or injury.

How do you put in a nose piercing?

To out in a nose piercing, you have toClean your noseClean the stud/ringGet the stud/ring wetGet your nose wetand thenjust jam it throughBut don't get a nose stud with a ball at the end, it hurts getting in and outso if i were you, i would get what they call the cork screw.

How long does it take to get your nose pierced?

all they do is, clean the side of the nose you want piercing with a antiseptic wipe and they also clean the inside. They then draw a little dot on your nose, ask you to look into a mirror and imagine it's a nose stud and ask you if you think your happy with where it is, the then take the needle quickly pop it in where the dot is then put a nose stud in for you after, the actual piercing itself takes about 35 seconds.

How can you hide your nose stud from school if you cant take it out?

concealer is a good idea, but you need to make sure that it's thick enough to cover the nose stud! also, it helps if your stud is smallish cause those are easier to cover. good luck!Put a small bandaid on it. One for a wart would work. I don't think anyone is going to ask to see what is under a bandaid.

How do you fit a plastic ring on a nose stud?


Does getting your nose pierced with a stud hurt?

no only if your nose is really sensitive

How do you hide a nose stud?

Get something called a retainer : Its a clear nose ring . : )

Where can one find more information about nose ring studs?

One can find more information about nose stud rings on the official National Institute of Nose Health Website. A doctor can also be asked for information on the nose stud rings.