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The NRA website has the information you seek.

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Q: States that honor pa gun permits?
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Does Alabama honor pa gun permits?

Alabama honors a Pennsylvania Resident Concealed Carry license.

Does pa honor TN handgun permits?

Yes. See related link for more information.

What is the law regarding drug convictions and gun permits in PA?

There are to many variables. You will need to consult with a lawyer.

Is there an instant back ground checkwhen buying a shot gun in pa?

Yes. With the exception of some people that hold permits and licenses that show they ALREADY had a background check, it is required when buying a gun from a dealer in ALL states. Including shotguns.

Can states refuse to honor another states driver licenses where it would be illegal to drive through that state?

A state can suspend your priovilege to drive in that state even though you hold a valid license from another state. For example, if you receive a speeding ticket in NC while driving with a PA license, NC can suspend you from driving in NC but PA may not suspend your driving privileges.Added: The same thing applies to drivers permits. Some states honor them, some states do not.

Can a driver with a learners permit from Maryland drive in Pennsylvania with a Pennsylvania lincense Driver?

No, Pennsylvania does not recognize learner's permits from other states. Only learner's permits issues by Pennsylvania are valid in Pennsylvania. Most other states do recognize learner's permits fom other states, but PA does not.

Can I carry a concealed gun in MD with cep from va?

No they do not. Maryland is one the few states with no reciprocity to other states. They are also one of the only states that has almost no concealed handgun permits held by civilians for self-defense purposes within the state, due the the poorly written law that places all discretion on issuance of permits in the hands of the Maryland State Police.

Can you Drive across State Lines with a PA CDL permit?

yesAdded: Use caution and check with the DMV's of the states into which you wish to drive. NOT ALL states honor out-of-state drivers permits.

What is the law in pa for an extradition?

All US states and territories honor each other's requests for extradition.

Can someone with an involuntary commitment own a gun in pa?

No- and nowhere in the US. This is Federal law that applies to all US states.

How registered shot gun in pa?

There is no requirement or provision to register a shotgun in PA

Can a New Jersey resident buy a gun at a Pennsylvania gun show?

You can buy shotguns and rifles out of state, but not handguns. Also, some states have individual restrictions, so you should check NJ and PA law.