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You should take Birth Control on schedule regardless of bleeding. Hormonal birth control can sometimes cause a missed period.

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Q: Start new birth control pack haven't started period?
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I havent started my period and i started taking my last row of birth control and my period won't start?

It is probably a side effect of the BCP. Just keep on taking them as ordered.

Can you start birth control during your period?

Yes you can start birth control while on your period. Usually your doctor will tell you to start on a Sunday so it's easier to remember when you first started your pack.If you get your period on the Sunday you start you still start on birth control.

Why has your discharge turned white you havent started your periods?

You'll have white discharge for about 6 months to 1 year, then you'll start your period.

How start birth control?

Usually pills are started on the first SUNDAY after your period.

I havent started my period and im 2 days late but im having cramps like im about to start?

That's a statement, not a question. What are you asking?

What will happen if you start birth control when you haven't started your period at all?

You'll be fine

When should you start your birth control if you started your period 2 days ago?

The doctors usually say to start the pill the Sunday after your last period.

Is it normal for your period to last longer than usual if you started taking birth control on the first day of your period?

Yes, sometmes when you start birth control you will have break through bleeding and it can tie in with your period since you started the pill during your period.

Your period started yesterday you have a pack of birth control pills Is there anything you can do to make it stop once it has started?

If you start the birth control pill now, the period is likely to be shorter, although that's not guaranteed.

Hello this is may first time taking ocella birth control and ive been on it for a whole month im on the white pills already but havent started my period yet is that normal?

I'm not on the brand of birth control pill, but I find it's usual for my period to take up to 4 days to come once I start the white pills.

If you Started your Period on Saturday do you start the pack from Saturday?

it depends on what kind of birth control you are on. talk to your doctor. some you start the day you start your period some there is a set day to start the pack

If you were instructed to start taking birth control the first Sunday after the start of your next period and your period started on Monday when should you start the birth control?

The next Sunday. __________________________ With Sunday start, you're supposed to start on the Sunday of getting your period, or the following Sunday. For example: You start your period on Sunday : START YOUR BC. You start your period Wednesday... WAIT TIL SUNDAY TO START. **make sure to read the inserts that come with your birth control, or go to the manufacturers website, the information is there for a reason!