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Take another test in a week

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Q: Sore breast heartburn tiredness missed period period cramps geadaches and some spotting but neg result on test?
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What are the main symptoms of pregnancy?

The main symptoms aremissed period,nausea with or without vomiting,tiredness,dizziness,breast changes and breast tenderness, andfrequent urination.The main symptoms of pregnancy are nausea, dizziness, heartburn, missed period, strange food cravings, bloated stomach, mild cramping, gassy, sore breasts and having light implantation bleeding.

What are the symptoms of being pregnant before your missed period?

-Implantation Bleeding (Spotting) -Delay or a Difference in Menstruation -Swollen and/or Tender Breasts -Fatigue/Tiredness -Nausea/Morning Sickness -Backaches -Headaches -Frequent Urination -Darkening of Areolas -Food Cravings These are the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

What are the sympotms for acid reflux heartburn?

Acid reflux, also known as heartburn, usually entails a pain that gets worse when you lay down, burning in chest right beneath the breast bone, coughing, or wheezing.

If you had your cycle at the first of the month and you started spotting last Sunday and your breast are sore are you pregnant?

Only if you had sex.

Can you please tell me about pregnancy symptoms?

Some signs and symptoms to look for if you believe you might be pregnant include * missed period, * nausea with or without vomiting, * tiredness, * dizziness, * breast changes and breast tenderness, and * frequent urination.

How do you know your pregnant without takinng the test?

Your period is over a week late and no spotting occurs. You have swollen or breast tenderness. Fatigue/Tiredness. Nausea/Morning sickness (usually occurs after a month of conception). Darkening of areolas (the area around your nipple), Backaches. Headaches. Frequent urination. Cravings. (Can happen any time!!) Noticeable hormonal mood swings.

What are the symptoms of pregancy?

sore breast,bloating,nausea,missed period,spotting(you think its a period but its not,also a early sign of miscarige.)

Could you be having a miscarriage if you have had a significant decrease in breast size and tenderness paired with spotting and you had one incident of a red clot?

yes it is possible

Why am i spotting brown blood right after my period and my breast are sore?

no worries, happens to everyone, part of your periods i spose. thats so sexy

23 weeks pregnant and im feeling pain right under my left breast but not on my breast at the beginning of your stomach area is this normal?

Maybe it is heartburn. It could also be a regular stomach ache if it isn't constant or just happened once.

What may cause breast enlargement increased discharge tiredness an unusual affliation to the toilet as cannot stop peeing and a desire for foods that are normally not liked?

You might be prego. Go to the doctor and get tested.

What are the early signs of pregnancy — and when will I notice themFor More Info Visitpainlessabortions com?

The most common sign of pregnancy is a missing period, but you might also experience nausea, heartburn, constipation, tiredness, or breast tenderness, Dr. Talitha L. Bruney, medical director of OB-GYN at the Comprehensive Family Care Center, Montefiore Health System, told INSIDER. "These can occur within the first six to eight weeks of pregnancy," she added. painlessabortions com