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Q: Slavery in carolina was greatly influenced by slavery in?
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What influenced the most the northern and southern positions about slavery?

The economic effect of slavery - Apex

What influenced the northern and southern positions the most about slavery?

The economic effect of slavery - Apex

What culture North Carolina has?


In which colonies was slavery allowed?

The "plantation colonies" allowed slavery. Those colonies were Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and georgia.

The Northern and Southern positions regarding slavery were primarily influenced by?

the economic impact of slavery.the enconimc effect on slavery.

What was North Carolina's view on slavery in 1653?

North Carolina was very dependent on slavery in 1653. This is how they could have the mass production of indigo, tobacco, and cotton.

How did the cultivation of rice contribute to the growth of slavery in Carolina?

The cultivation of rice contributed greatly to the growth of slavery in Carolina. Like cotton, rice was considered a staple in the South. As a result, the process of growing and manufacturing rice had to be expedited to secure timely profits. Once the plantain owners found a way to cultivate rice quickly from the fields and paddies, the demand for this essential food increased. This led to a massive growth in slavery across Carolina.

What year did slavery start in North Carolina?


Where was slavery most popular?

In Mississippi & in North Carolina.

Which southern colony originally slavery?

South Carolina

What state was the first to get rid of slavery?

South Carolina

How did slavery led to secession?

Slavery split up the country, and with the North's striving to abolish slavery, many southern states began seceeding, beginning with South Carolina.