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If he cracks jokes at first and tries silly things to get your attention, then all the sudden becomes shy around you

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Q: Signs when a funny guy likes you?
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What does it mean when a guy thinks your funny?

It actually means that the GUY loves you or likes you

How do you get a guy who you don't know who likes you back?

what I do is just kind of talk about what he likes or just be funny because a guy likes a sense of humor.

How do you get a guy to have a crush on you?

it depends on what guy it is if he likes funny girls be funny it he likes smart girls or ask him to help you study. cutietutu answers if you see cutietutu then i am answering your question

What kind of activities does Taylor Swift like in a guy?

Taylor Swift likes a funny guy. She also likes guys that think she is funny! OMG I LOVE U TAYLOR!

What are some signs a guy likes you back?


What signs do a guy give you when he likes you?

Looks at you a lot

How do you tell if a guy really likes you back?

he will flirt with you and give you signs that he likes you .. :D

How do you know if a guy likes me in tuition?

Well has he given you any signs of you thinking he likes you?

What does Miley Cyrus like in a guy?

Miley Cyrus likes in a guy when he is hot and kind and funny

How do you see the signs that a guy likes you?

he would be constantly looking at you

What are signs that a guy likes you more then a friend How can you tell if he likes u back?

There are many possible signs that a guy likes you back more than as just friends. One easy way to find out is to simply ask him.

What are the most obvious signs that a guy likes you back?

he will folo u