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To use Unconditional Call Forwarding, complete the following steps: # Dial *72 followed by the ten digit phone number (555-555-5555) you would like your calls to be forwarded to. # Press the SEND button. # You will hear a tone and your call will terminate automatically. # All incoming calls to your Cricket phone number will now be forwarded to the number you selected. # To turn the feature off, dial *720 and press the SEND button. # You will hear a tone and your call will terminate automatically. # You will now receive calls as normal to your Cricket phone number.

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Q: Shut off call forwarding on a cricket phone?
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How do you reverse call forwarding back from your cell phone?

To reverse call forwarding on your phone you need to go into the call forwarding settings in your phone. If this is unavailable, you will need to contact your service provider.

How do you activate call forwarding from your home phone to your cell phone?

To activate call forwarding on a home phone you must have the feature available to call forward the phone. Assuming you have call forwarding you can get the instruction to activate call forwarding from the instructions in the phone book. To do it online, if you're an AT&T phone subscriber you create and then log on to subscriber account at AT&T's website called "AT&T Account Manager". Once you've logged on you then go to "Edit Existing Phone Features" where you can activate call forwarding there.Depending on your subscription plan you can even use it for international call forwarding service.

Can I use call forwarding with a cell phone?

Yes, you can use call forwarding with a cell phone. The call forwarding code for most cell phones is *72, however, it is best to check with your cellular provider for provider specific call forwarding instructions.

Forwarding a call on a digital phone?

What brand, model is your digital phone? We can't help you on your call forwarding question if you are not specific enough.

How do you transfer an incoming call from home phone to cell phone?

This is a process called call forwarding. You have to contact your home phone company for specific instructions on how to enable call forwarding.

Can I add call forwarding to my phone?

No, if your prepaid phone does not come with call forwarding, there is no way to add it after the fact. If you do want that feature you will have to get a plan that supports it.

What is the code for call forwarding?

Call forwarding is a popular service that allows for calls to be forwarded to your phone. The code to set up call forwarding is usually *72.

How can you transfer your telephone call to another phone?

Call forwarding

How do you deactive conditional call forwarding?

Try *73 if call forwarding can be deactivated. If not, then try calling your phone provider for assistance.

How do you receive cell phone calls for another cell phone?

Use call forwarding. It allows you to forward your calls from one phone to another. Search Google for call forwarding instructions and/or companies.

Can you activate call forwarding from another metropcs phone?

In order to activate call forwarding, on any phone, you will need to do it from the phone that you are having the calls forwarded from. If your phone is not available, contact your MetroPCS representative so that they can set this feature up for you.

How does the Verizon wireless call forwarding work?

In this call forwarding, calls to a mobile phone can be forwarded to another phone including the one at office or at home.This works when the mobile does not answer the call or it is on another call. This is also convenient when the l phone battery dies and hence cannot take the call.