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No, I don't think so because it'll only come off badly on you. Stop cheating with your ex-boyfriend and find a guy who deserves you. The girlfriend will find out about your ex-boyfriends infidlity eventually.

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No, if you do that, she would think you're trying to break them up. It's best to stay out of your ex's affairs.

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Q: Should you tell your exboyfriends current girlfriend that he is cheating on her with you?
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What is the best prank on exboyfriends new girlfriend?

I don't think you should do that... Then he'll know that you still like him...

Should your wife be communicating with her exboyfriends?

depends if they are friends. talk to her if you are worried, she's your wife you should be able to have this kind of discussion. don't get possessive about who she talks to, just because she talks to an exboyfriend doesn't mean she's cheating on you.

Should you stay with a cheating girlfriend?

not unless u can prove it

What should you do when you find out the your girlfriend has been lying to you and is cheating?

Get rid.

Should you let your friend date your girlfriend?

no because then your girlfriend would be cheating on you with your friend and you will be mad

Your Ex-Boyfriend is cheating on his new girlfriend with you so should you do this?

No, if you were in that girl's position, you wouldn't feel too good, so you shouldn't do that to her. Tell your ex that if he wants to keep doing this with you, he has the break up with his current girlfriend

What is my girlfriend doing when shes out?

if your girlfriend is out and you don't know were she is you should probibly look for evidence that shes not cheating on you

Will you tell your best friends girlfriend that he is cheating on her?

Yes you should tell her that he is cheating. Because later, it will hurt her if not told.

What should you do your girlfriend is cheating you from past 2 years?

Depends what she looks like

You like a girl but already have a girlfriend?

Do not go out with the girl you like. That's cheating! If you are in a relationship and like someone else then you should really take time, be single and sort out you feelings as it is not fair to your current girlfriend or yourself. Don't jump into another relationship either. If you want to stay with your current girlfriend you are going to have to let go of the thought concerning this other girl and also distance yourself from her - be loyal to your girlfriend.

What if your girlfriend is cheating on you what to do with that anger?

You should calmly talk to her and sort it out between you guys.Hope that helped :)

What if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, you should break up with her. Don't get mad at the other guy because it takes two to do something. You were not on her mind or she wouldn't of done it. Just remember you don't deserve somebody , somebody.deserves you!