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To simply blurt out "I like you" (actually meaning you are interested in him or love him in most cases) is rather a shocker and will put the guy on the spot. Spend more time trying to talk with him so he gets to know you a little better. Perhaps your best friend will tell his/her brother that you would like to go out with him. You actually can handle this on your own by simply taking your time so he gets to know you and if he doesn't ask you out, then you ask him out.

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Q: Should you tell your best friend's brother you like him?
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What do you do when you go with your best friends brother when drunk but didnt regret it what should i do?

Tell your friend thst you like their brother

You like your best friends brother what should you do?

maybe flirt with him see if he likes u

What should you do if you like your best friends younger brother who is only a year younger and How can you be alone with her brother without anyone in there house finding out?

you pin them down till your friends parents call them

Whose friends is like a brother?

My best friend ever is like my little brother <3

What should you do if your best friends lil brother want to go out with you?

If you like him go for it but make sure you tell your freind about it first

What if your best guy friend likes your best girl friends but she doesnt like him How should you tell him?

Tell him she sees him like a brother , or just as a friend , or she likes someone else.

What do you do when you like your best friends brother?

tell your best friend if they don't mind go for him

What should you do if you like your best friends older brother?

read Princess Diaries! If you really like him like Mia, tell your friend. really read the book it's really good! talk to someone about it, specifically your best friend. if they understand then tslk to their brother.

What should I do if my friends do not like my brother?

Even though your brother may be a pain to you off and on never desert your brother and good friends would not expect you to make that choice. Stand by your brother and find new friends.

Is LaMichael LeBrons brother?

no they are not brother's just call each other like that because they are best friends

What should you do if you like your best friend's brother and you know he likes you too but your best friend doent approve of it just because she doesnt like the idea?

I would stick to your friends advice. He/She knows her brother more than you and knows how he treats people.

You like your best friends brother and you think he knows does he like you?

First off if you like your bestfriends brother, you should not be dating your current boyfriend. Second, just because a guy knows you like him, does not mean he has any interest in you. He may not like you at all.