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go to ur dads cuz family should always come first

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Q: Should you stay home and kiss your boyfriend or go to your dads house?
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What should you do if my boyfriend is coming over and my parents won't be home?

You should not be having your boyfriend over if they're not home. Your parents won't trust you if you do things like that behind their backs. Plus, if you and your boyfriend end up having sex, you could become pregnant and ruin your life before you're even grown up.

What should you do when you really love someone else but my boyfriend and my self have 2 children together and you do not want to hurt him?

You should crush any feelings for someone else and marry your boyfriend. Your children need a mom and dad in their life, not a broken home. Do the unselfish thing and think of them.

How do you get your boyfriend to walk home with you?

Maybe, say " It's a beautiful night, could you walk me home? I would really appreciate it." Then Smile at him :)

What is the difference between a residence and a vacation house?

A residential home is a house that a person would live in full time, while a vacation home is a house that the person visits on occasion for a vacation. I hope this answered your question.

Why won't a boyfriend show you where he lives?

His house is either messy or he is hiding something. I do not think YOU are the girl-friend, Not the only one for sure! He does not want you to know where he lives, for obvious reasons.AnswerHe probably has something that he is insecure about himself, he does not want you to judge him by his home and where he lives, he wants you to not be materialistic and worry about how and where he lives, or the conditions. Don't be pushy about seeing his house if he doesn't want you to or you might find yourself boyfriend-less.Another thought:If he won't show you where he lives, odds are he doesn't live alone. He may be married or have a live-in girlfriend. Ask him.

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Should dads be allowed to stay home?

Yes! of course! If that's what they wish to do

Why are moms busier than dads?

moms mostly stay home and look after kids and clean the house

Can dads work at home?

Yes, of course dads can work at home at sites like There are probably more dads working at home than moms.

What to do when you cant get your daughters boyfriend to leave?

If this person is in your house, you should tell him to leave. If he refuses, you can contact the police. However, if he is in her home, there is nothing you can do about it.

What roles did mothers and dads have in the home in 1948?

In 1948, men went out of the house to work and women stayed home to take care of the children.

Does your child have to go to his dads on Friday if his dad wont be home until Saturday?

No because if you are supposed to spend time with your dad then you should just wait until he gets home and if you leave the child home alone than he/she will probably do something bad to there dad's house!

How do you tell your dad your boyfriend is a marine?

You don't provide your age or your situation so I'm assuming that you're not yet 18 and still live at home. If possible, your boyfriend and your dad should meet so they can get to know each other. Dads generally feel protective of their children; getting to know your boyfriend will help your dad relax about who he is, particularly around you.

Did miley get kicked out of her dads home?


Should I move away from home to be with my boyfriend?

It's your own decision. >_>

If you are a homeowner and your boyfriend isn't is it acceptable for him to move in IE would it hurt his ego?

Be smart and only keep the house in your name! No matter how much you think you love your boyfriend always keep that house in your name and if you get married that is the time to have joint ownership on the house and not before! Most men are not threatened that their girlfriends own a house and are only too happy to share the privacy of living in her home so don't worry about it. If he puts pressure on you to have joint ownership this is not a good sign. It is your home and once you put his name on that house and should you breakup then he owns half of your home.

You are 11 and you want to makeout with your boyfriend should you?

No. Go home, you're 11.

What part of the house should be most quiet?

If we were to assume that the house doesn't have a "library", the next most quiet part of the house should be the bedrooms. Uninterrupted sleep is important. If the home has a library or a "home office", either of these should be the quietest locations in the home.

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