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well that depends on if you want to be outside or at a place like the beach.

if your at the beach then you might want to put on sunscreen because there are

like no bugs there and you should also see that the seguals eat a lot of the bugs

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Q: Should you put sunscreen or bug-spray on first?
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Does it matter when you put on sunscreen?

You should put sunscreen on at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. :)

Why do you need to put on sunscreen at the beach in your answer note what other related precautions you should take when you are at the beach.?

Why do you need to put on sunscreen at the beach in your answer note what other related precautions you should take when you are at the beach.

How do sunglasses block glare?

they put on sunscreen they put on sunscreen

How long are you supposed to wait t put sunscreen on a tattoo?

after the first 3 days of using ointment, the remaining 7-14 days use lubriderm when your tattoo is starting to peel and looks dry.

Should we wear sunscreen on the beach?

Yes, protection from the sun is very important at all times. The Infrared radiation coming from the sun can sunburn your skin and/or give you skin cancer.

What should I put in my hiking backpack?

Items that should be put in a hiking backpack include water, food such as trail mix or nuts, a first aid kit, bug spray, extra sunglasses, sunscreen, knife, compass and map.

How can you make airbrush tattoo's last longer?

Put talcum powder or baby powder on after swimming or bathing. don't put on lotions including sunscreen and bugspray. Don't rub after getting it wet, just dab until dry and don't let it come to contact with alcohol or alcohol lotions or soaps! First it is best to leave it alone. Do not rub, scrub or dry tattoo. Second is the place you have the tattoo. Try a spot were it will not rub. Islandtribal

How can you reduce itchiness in mosquito bites?

Apply nail polish to the bite. Rub salt in to the bite. Dab the bite with vinegar Put a bit of toothpaste on the bite.

How can you protect your skin from the sun?

Put sunscreen on.

Does sunscreen dry?

Depends on how much you put on

How do you have less pimples?

if you want less pimples, you should use cream or lotion for your skin and if it is a sunny day, put on sunscreen

How long should a suntan be?

If you are first starting out you should probably do 20 minutes on each side. Say for example I did 30 minutes total so it should start out as a good base.(Remember to put sunscreen on, with an SPF factor of more than about 20)