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Yes, so that the concrete doesn't break or split.

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Q: Should you put a sealer on concrete flooring?
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What is screeding?

Grano Screed is a type of flooring. The flooring is a tile-type of flooring. You need to use cement to put the flooring down.

How hard is it to put in laminant flooring?

When installing laminant flooring unless you have done it before or surely know what you are doing you should definitly called a professional to ensure proper installation.

Can you put epoxy over sealer on a overlayed concrete floor?

Yes there are certain kinds of epoxies that can be applied over SOME sealed floors. It depends on what type of sealer was used first. They tend to not bond well with some solvent sealers, but water based ones will work. You just have to use the right epoxy primer so it will bond

What flooring can you put on concrete?

While VCRs and disco have replaced vinyl records, vinyl tile flooring is in. Vinyl flooring is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, with sales reaching record highs. This is because vinyl flooring has unique advantages. It's not difficult to introduce and keep up with, is durable, and gives an agreeable surface to stroll on. Vinyl flooring can also be laid over plywood, concrete, or hardwood. Additionally, it can be installed over existing vinyl plank tile; however, there are better ideas than this if you already have two or more layers. The wear layer of some vinyl products even comes with warranties of up to 15 years. The time it lasts depends on the material's quality, just like it does with any other flooring. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT ON OUR site: buytilesandmore

What type of flooring can you put in a basement that leaks?


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What is best flooring for building construction concrete flooring or tile flooring?

Here are some key points to consider when deciding between concrete and tile flooring for building construction: Concrete flooring is durable, long-lasting, and requires minimal maintenance. It is ideal for spaces that are exposed to moisture, such as basements or garages. Tile flooring is available in a wide range of styles and designs, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial spaces. It is also easy to clean, durable, and can add value to a property. Concrete floors can be hard and uncomfortable to stand on for long periods of time. Tile flooring can be more expensive than concrete, and it may require more maintenance over time to prevent cracks, chips, or discoloration. The choice between concrete and tile flooring ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the space and its occupants.

How do you remove scratches from linoleum?

If you have dark scuff marks, rubbing the spot with a tennis shoe/sneaker sole will remove it. If you have gauges in the flooring, obtain some seam sealer (kind of like a glue) from a flooring store. Clean the slice, put the edges together as well as you can, and put the seam sealer on the spot. Let it dry for 24 hours without being walked on. Good as new!

How should one prepare a floor before putting down new vinyl flooring?

It depends on the type of floor that you are putting down the vinyl flooring on top of. If it is concrete, then make sure it is clean, dry and repair any cracks or holes. If the old vinyl flooring is in good repair then just put the new vinyl flooring over it or use an embossing leveler for slightly worn vinyl flooring. If the old vinyl flooring is in very poor shape remove it completely. Plywood underlayment can be used for other types of flooring that you will put new vinyl flooring down on top of.

Why should sealer be put on a Hardwood Floor?

Polyurethane should be put onto a hardwood floor because without it, it can be sensitive to moisture damage and scratching.

*I had a new concrete patio built,decided to have it stain,the man that stain did a real good job of staining, but when he put his first coat sealer on it there were bubbles all in it, when you rub the bubble off it leave it cloudy, what should I do?

You should scrape off old sealant and re-do it.

How much weight can hardwood flooring support between joists?

Typically you would not put hardwood flooring directly over the joists. You should first put down a subfloor.

Why can't I delete flooring on the Sims 2 game for PC?

You need to going into the mode that has all the walls and floors, choose any flooring, then put it on the flooring you don't like and CTRL Click on it and drag the mouse around the room, it should delete it, then you can put a nice flooring down!

What should I use to prevent scuffs on my wood flooring?

Put a high quality stain or varnish to protect your wood flooring from scuffs and scratches.

How do you put in heated flooring?

You buy special heating coils to put under the flooring.

How do you get old urine smell out of 500 sq feet of carpetpad?

If it's in the carpet padding, it soaked thru to the wood flooring and it was definitely in the carpet. Pull them up and throw them away. Scrub the wood flooring, let it dry thoroughly, then put on at least 2 coats of sealer. That is the only way to get rid of the smell.

What is screeding?

Grano Screed is a type of flooring. The flooring is a tile-type of flooring. You need to use cement to put the flooring down.

What is grano?

Grano Screed is a type of flooring. The flooring is a tile-type of flooring. You need to use cement to put the flooring down.