Should you kiss him on the first date?

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Q: Should you kiss him on the first date?
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Is it normal to kiss on the first date or second date?

It depends. Most people say that it is best to wait. But I think it should be on the first date. It is a kiss.

What number date should a first kiss be?


Why should you not kiss on the first date?

There's no reason not to kiss on the first date - there's no rule to say you shouldn't.You can do absolutely anything you want on a first date as long as you both consent.

After a first date how long should you wait for someone to kiss you?

After the date (if it went well)

If your taking a girl to the cinema for your first date when should you tell her you love her?

WHOA there on the first date?!?! don't even kiss her on the first date !

What to do during the first kiss?

Well if the first kiss is on the first date she is probably not the good girl and if you made the first kiss on the first date she my not like you. But if you had not had you're 1st you stay calm and say nothing after it is over. If he/she did not want to kiss you say sorry after it's over. And by the way the girl should not make the 1st move the guy should. AND BE CALM.

Did Justin Bieber ever kiss on the first date?

Justin Bieber had his very first kiss at the age of 13, but yes, he does believe in a kiss on the first date. And, yes, he has kissed on the first date.

When do you kiss your boyfriend?

There Should Be No Type Of Set Date To Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend, But When The Time Is Right It Will Happen, Don't Rush it !!

Who did Zac Efron kiss on his first date?

zac efron kiss chanelle matthews on his first date. why?

Should you kiss at the movies?

don't kiss on your first date, don't kiss if you dont feel a good conection, don't kiss if you havent kissed out-of-the-movies before

What kind of movie do you see on a first date?

when you go on a first date the movie you see should be a scary movie because guys will hold you and maybe kiss you and girls will cuddle you and maybe kiss you

How do you call a girl for a kiss?

huh? well if you want to kiss her you should ask her on a date or something over the phone if that's what you meen then kiss her. you don't ask, you just kiss her. but not on the first date, maybe on the second or third...

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