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I say you shouldn't! 'Cause it might turn into.. >-> you-know-what.

Hey! Its just what I'm sayin'. Just remember do not! kiss a boy when you are having a period!!

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Q: Should you kiss a boy when you have your period?
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When you have your period should you kiss a boy?

You can kiss a boy whenever you like (as long as he consents). There's no reason you can't kiss a boy when on your period, you can do anything you like while you're on your period.

What do you feel when you kiss a boy?

If I kiss a boy,I will feel proud that i did it and you should too.

How could you get a boy to kiss you?

To get a boy to kiss you , you should be gentle and nice to him whenever he is around you. then, if you are ready kiss him

What should you do if the boy you like kiss a other girl because he was told that you kiss a boy but you didn't?

just tell him you didn't kiss another boy.

If you have the period and you kiss a boy will you get pregnant?

No. The act of kissing does not create pregnancy.

If a girl likes a boy what should you do?

kiss him

You like a boy and he likes you should you kiss him?

yes you should

Im 13 i never kissed a boy should i kiss a friend or should i wait and kiss a boy i like more then a friend?

don't just kiss someone to kiss someone wait to find someone you really care about

Should you kiss a boy if you don't go out?

if you really love them and they are your boyfriend the kiss him on the cheek!

Who to kiss a boy?

you should kiss a crush your boyfriend or somebody who you can trust and you think they like you

If a boy likes you and you dance with him but don't kiss him should you wait for him to kiss you first?


How do you get your boy friend to kiss you?

well you should talk to the boy about it and see if he is ready for it