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NO. Well, it depends on your mood. You may want to see what the other person is feeling, or you may already feel it when kissing. Overall, your eyes should not be open. It's rude to stare.

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Q: Should you keep your eyes open when you kiss?
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What not to do when you kiss?

things you probably shouldn't do... be shy and clumsy. take control when you kiss someone be too attacking and aggressive. you can get aggressive or passionate, but not overwhelming. keep your eyes open. you can keep them open, but i find it better when my eyes are closed and i just think of my bf

What if you open your eyed when you kiss?

it doent really matter because everytime i kiss i open my eyes

What does Bruno mars mean by had your eyes wide open?

During the kiss of Bruno and the girl he's singing about, she had her eyes open. But he had his eyes open to, how else could he tell?

Do you open your eyes when you kiss a boy?

you can but you shouldn't it gets awkward i guess

How do you kiss a guy and know he likes it?

his eyes will open wider if he likes it

Why do people kiss with their eyes open?

It can be taken different ways, Some people say that they like to see their partner while kissing. Its also Been said those who do kiss with their eyes open, are not trust worthy.

What are the ratings and certificates for Keep Your Eyes Open - 2002?

Keep Your Eyes Open - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG-13

Why you Close your Eyes When you Kiss?

So that you can concentrate on the kiss more than the person u r kissing. If your eyes are open, that means you might be shocked, but the other answer was right.

Do you have to close your eyes when you kiss a boy?

Of course you have to. When he or you start a kiss, you have to close your eyes. Don't open them! He might think you hate that kiss! Another reason is if you open your eyes, it's like staring.'s like manners. You close your eyes to enjoy it too. When You Guys Are Leaning In For The Kiss..CLOSE YOUR EYES...It's Better If You Do I Mean..Do You Really Want To Oggle At Someone While You Kiss Them..?? Or Have Someone Stare At You..?? That's Creepy As Stated Above. Plus It's Just Sweeter Like That ;D

Can frogs keep their eyes open when they swallow?


How long have you kept your eyes open?

Actually I have kept my eyes open for about four minutes, but I had contacts in. With out contacts in I can only keep my eyes open for 45 seconds.

How do you kiss a boy first?

Well, I'm assuming you're pretty young and this is your first kiss so if you and him are hanging out one day and you feel like it's a god time to kiss, look at him in the eyes and then down at his lips quickly, then back up to his eyes. If he turns away, he's not ready to kiss you but if he kinda blushes or keeps looking at you, lean in a bit and he should too. Then close your eyes as you get really close to his face and kiss him. After that, move back slowly and open your eyes and just smile at him (: and then continue talking and hanging out with him.