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well if you want to but if you do that would be cheating.If you really want to be with the guy/chick u like then u r going to have to break up with your BF\GF BF=Boyfriend GF=Girlfriend.

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Q: Should you get your crush when you have a boyfriend?
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What should i do if my crush's boyfriend is using her but i don't want to harm our relationship?

If your crush has a boyfriend then you are not her crush. There is no relationship, you are just a friend.

Should you be upset at boyfriend's celebrity crush?

No, everyone has a celebrity crush, just embrace and maybe share your celebrity crush also :)

Why would he hang with her and her boyfriend if he never liked her company?

Maybe he has a crush on the boyfriend. You should probably ask 'him'.

You're a 12 year-old and you have a crush on a 13 year-old but you already have a boyfriend What do you do?

You should learn more about your crush and decide if he's worth breaking up with your boyfriend

Who to kiss a boy?

you should kiss a crush your boyfriend or somebody who you can trust and you think they like you

Should you get back with your boyfriend after you found out he have a crush on another girl?

If he truly wants you back, then of course!

Should you ask your crush to be your boyfriend?

Do it when your ready because you don't want to rush into it or sent it in a love letter.

Are you going tohave a boyfriend?

yes Why not? Ask out your crush. Smorez the guinea pig says you should. He is magical. (:

Teen dating help?

if you have a crush on your ex-boyfriend's friend but your crush already has a girlfriend should I go back to the boyfriend that cheated on me or be single for the rest of your rest of my life

What do you do your boyfriend has a crush on by best friend?

ask him if he still likes you and if he had a crush on her then why did is he your boyfriend he's probably trying to make you jelous

Does wenwen have a crush on Jaden Smith?

no she does not have a crush on jaden becuase she have a boyfriend

Who does Nicki manaj have a crush on?

she has a boyfriend