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Yes. Anytime you use a title (like "mom") in place of a name, it should be capitalized.

I gave Mom a gift. (Instead of: I gave Sue a gift.)

I gave my mom a gift.

I asked Mother a question. (Instead of: I asked Susan a question.)

I asked my mother a question.

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Q: Should you capitalize mom in this sentence I bought a gift for mom on her birthday last year?
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Do capitalize Spring when writing springtime?

It is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun. Examples: Marissa bought the medicines for her dog in Springtime, Inc.

How do you use the word earrings in a sentence?

She loved the gold earrings that her husband had bought her for her birthday and she put them on immediately.

What is the indirct object for the following sentence For her birthday Jody bought Alice an angora sweater?

The indirect object is Alice.The direct object of the verb 'bought' is 'sweater' (bought sweater for Alice).

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The word dumbfound can be interchanged with such words as surprised or shocked. For example, Billy was surprised when his parents bought him a car for his birthday. Billy was shocked when his parents bought him a car for his birthday. Billy was dumbfounded when his parents bought him a car for his birthday.

Do you capitalize a flavor of ice cream in a sentence?

No, I don't think so.If you did, it would look like this (for example):He bought a Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream cone.I think it'd be better like this:He bought a chocolate and strawberry ice cream cone.

Do you capitalize breakfast and lunch?

Simple answer: Maybe. It honestly depends on what your writing and if its a proper noun or not. If its a proper noun then you capitalize it all the time. I'm referring to names and such, hence the reason David is always capitalized. But other nouns like 'he' are capitalized if at the beginning of the sentence but aren't if they are found in the middle or end of the sentence. Ex. He is a good guy After the walk, he bought her some ice cream.

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Here is what you should try... How do you write establishin a sentence?

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Yes. It would be nice of them to do that but not every coworker will.

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you should say i went to the mall and bought a useless pair of shoes

What is an example of a sentence containing bought?

I bought new shoes..Or What do you think i bought?

What is the common noun in this sentence Mom bought groceries for us at Max's Market?

The common nouns in the sentence are mom and groceries.Although many of us like to capitalize the noun 'mom' out of respect for our moms, it is a common noun, a general word for any female parent. In the case of the example sentence, the common noun 'mom' is capitalized because it is the first word in the sentence.