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It can only make you sick if the ring is not thorougly hypoallergenic.

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Q: Should tongue piercing make you sick?
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Can you use nail glue to stick an earringl on your tongue?

actually yes you can, just make sure it NON TOXIC cause if its no it will burn your tongue a lot and when you want to take the piercing off you don't pull it you twist i slowly so you don't rip your sick off! but have fun tricking your friends with your tongue piercing. All you need to make a fake tongue piercing is-tissue to dry your tongue and beads and nail glue don't put lots just a dot of glue!

What do you do if you really want your tongue pierced but you're scared of the pain?

Get it anyway. The pain lasts seconds, your sick piercing lasts forever!

Can an ear piercing make you sick?

It depends on how affected a person is by a sudden sharp pain in the ear lobe. Often the anticipation of pain is worst than the actual piercing. So, it could make some people feel sick for a short time.

What can licking kool aid do?

It can make your tongue change colors and if your eat enough it can make you sick!:)

What is a bump that is next to a new lip piercing pops yellowish stuff?

Your piercing is infected and you should remove it. You should go to a doctor to get a prescription so the infection goes away and so you do not get very sick.

What two contributions did the tongue factory make?

they gave cotton to the confederate hospital in MACON to make mattress for the sick solders

Can an infected piercing make you feel sick?

The healing time for the piercing will be longer due to your body trying to fight the cold or malady you are trying to get over. If the piercing is infected as well you should take multivitamins and get plenty of rest to aid in the healing, barring that you should see your doctor depending on the extent of the infection.

Will pansies make a cat sick?

Enough of any plant can make a cat sick. Just because a cat eats a plant does not mean it will get sick. Vomiting (curly tongue) is an indication that a cat has eaten too much plant.

Can antibiotics make you depressed?

no antibiotic should not make us sick,it will make us sick when it will be overused

Can you put tongue in ass?

It's not really a sensible thing to do. The bacteria lurking down there can make you really sick.

Will smoking rolled corn husk make you experience a high?

More likely to just burn your tongue and maybe make you sick to your stomach.

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not to be a jerk, but, uh take him to the vet...and don't feed him anymore langua