Should tongue piercing make you sick?

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It can only make you sick if the ring is not thorougly hypoallergenic.

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Q: Should tongue piercing make you sick?
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Is it normal to feel sick after you take your birth control pill?

It is not normal to feel sick after taking birth control pills. If you feel that the pills are making you sick, you should contact your doctor and have them changed.Taking birth control pills should not make you feel sick. That is not normal.

How can you make a belly button piercing uninfected without taking the piercing out?

You should never remove the jewelry from an infected piercing. It needs to stay open to drain. The first thing that you should do is to wear only surgical steel, titanium, or glass. Then, go see your doctor. If its actually infected, they should give you antibiotics to clear things up faster. Clean it with natural sea salt and water 2-3 times a day. Put a pinch of natural sea salt into a shot glass of warm water and use that to soak the piercing. If it starts drying out the piercing, cut back to 2 a day and just use warm water for the other cleanings. You can use antimicrobial soap 2-3 times a week but it can be drying. Don't touch the piercing and don't go swimming. Don't use alcohol or peroxide on it ever, no matter who tells you to do it. They just make the piercing raw and delay healing. Try to stay away from sick people so as not to further compromise your immune system.

Where should your stomach hurt if your pregnant?

i been feeling a kick in my stomach snd i been feeling sick but i seen my period every month and every time i eat it make me sick

How do you make someone sick when smoking pot?

Why would you want to make someone sick? The only way for someone to get sick from smoking marijuana is for them to share a smoking devise with someone who is sick. Even then, it might not work.

Would the boy or girl or both get sick if an 11 year old boy and a 12 year old girl put each others tongue in their mouth?

Only if one of them was sick to begin with or had a virus the other was susceptible to

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Can you use nail glue to stick an earringl on your tongue?

actually yes you can, just make sure it NON TOXIC cause if its no it will burn your tongue a lot and when you want to take the piercing off you don't pull it you twist i slowly so you don't rip your sick off! but have fun tricking your friends with your tongue piercing. All you need to make a fake tongue piercing is-tissue to dry your tongue and beads and nail glue don't put lots just a dot of glue!

Can your tongue piercing get infected after more than a year?

Yep. Especially if you're sick or around sick people and your immune system is compromised.

What do you do if you really want your tongue pierced but you're scared of the pain?

Get it anyway. The pain lasts seconds, your sick piercing lasts forever!

What can licking kool aid do?

It can make your tongue change colors and if your eat enough it can make you sick!:)

Can an ear piercing make you sick?

It depends on how affected a person is by a sudden sharp pain in the ear lobe. Often the anticipation of pain is worst than the actual piercing. So, it could make some people feel sick for a short time.

Can antibiotics make you sick?

no antibiotic should not make us sick,it will make us sick when it will be overused

What causes the bumps on tongue after sickness?

Bits of sick. You should drink some water or something.

If your cat is sick and licks your food and you eat it can you get sick?

Yes, even if your cat is not sick their are mites in there faeces (they clean themselves with their tongue) that can make you go blind or worse

What is a bump that is next to a new lip piercing pops yellowish stuff?

Your piercing is infected and you should remove it. You should go to a doctor to get a prescription so the infection goes away and so you do not get very sick.

Hardest tongue twister?

The most difficult tongue twister is "The sixth sick Sheik's sixth sheep's sick."

What two contributions did the tongue factory make?

they gave cotton to the confederate hospital in MACON to make mattress for the sick solders

How do you make your self throw up if your not sick?

open your mouth and take something nasty... that should make you throw up... open your mouth, put your index finger on the inner most part of your tongue and tickle it a little... that should make you throw up also...

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