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The Question about anything that students can or can't do should be seen through this lens, does it distract from learning? clearly two students making out in the middle of class does distract from learning however at lunch or in the halls between class, that's fine it doesn't harm any one and doesn't distract from learning.

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Q: Should students be able to express public displays of affection in school and why or why not?
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What does Charlotte Lucas suggest that Jane should do to secure Bingley in Pride and Prejudice?

Express her affection

Should gay people be able to fully express themselves in schools?

Lesbian, gay, transsexual and transgender students should have the same rights to express themselves as heterosexual students.

Should people kiss in public?

Long, drawn-out displays of public affection are off-putting to most people. However, a quick loving kiss is usually looked upon kindly by those who see it.

You think students shouldn't have uniforms?

I believe students should not wear uniforms. I think as a student myself, i would like to be able to express myself through my clothing. I mean there should be rules about appropriate clothing, but students should be aloud to comfortable in what they are wearing. Individuality is a good thing and i believe it should be supported in schools.

Should students have to wear uniforms even though it does not let them express their individualality?

Yes, as a student it is also good to learn how to confirm.

Why drama should be taught in schools?

Drama education helps students develop creativity, empathy, communication skills, and confidence. It also encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, drama can provide a safe space for students to explore complex emotions and express themselves in ways that other subjects may not allow.

Public displays of affection in highschools?

I'm sure the faculty will view it as inappropriate and a lot of friends will get jealous. I think if you are going to do this that you should not flaunt it. It is okay to show your partner that you love them but don't do it if you are going to get into trouble for it. There is plenty of time during recess and after school.

What if the spouse does not like affection?

Then maybe you shouldn't show affection, if they don't like it then you can leave them be; also u should just go with someone who actually does like affection

Why it is better for students go ware uniform to school?

it isnt kids should be free to express the selve at least that is what i think no offense to people who believe differently =)

How can you express how parents should and should not?

Well most parents shouldn't express in bad ways to their children or to other people. parents should express calmly and rationale.

How do you win student council?

A student who wants to run for Student Council should be able to express what he or she will do for the student body. You should know the top concerns students have, and the actions students see as solutions. A candidate should be able to speak about each concern and how he or she will work toward change. Popularity among the student body helps to get elected, while faculty looks for traits of responsibility and trust. The more you can convey and show that you can work well with students and faculty, the more students will choose to give you a chance.

Should public display of affection be legal?

YES! Why should it be illegal to hug or kiss in public?