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Q: Should sixth graders kiss fourth graders?
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How should you kiss your fourth grade girlfriend in school?

Should 4th graders really be kissing? And in school? Inappropriate.

Do kids in fourth grade kiss each other?

i dont think so...... no. fourth graders r 2 young.

Do fourth graders have boy friends and kiss them?

i think u should wait till ur at least 14 yrs of age 2 date

Should you be kissing in the sixth grade?

i was pregnant in the fourth grade so why not ?Only depending on if your ready. She most likely wants to kiss you too.

Can sixth graders kiss?

Um ya it's perfectly normal unless it's ur firs kiss make sure u dnt regret it. Signed (girl)

Should seventh graders kiss?

well kissing is a sign of trust and love so yes

How dos a boy kiss a girl in fourth grade?

Well, fourth graders are a bit young to be kissing. But if you REALLY like somebody, maybe... On Friday after school, Say "I Really like you." Then you can give her a little kiss on the cheek and say, "Have a Nice Weekend"

Can third graders kiss?

morally, probably not. anatomically, why not.

How long does the average middle school couple go out before their first kiss?

well it depends on their grade and preferences but for 8th graders prolly a week7 graders around a week6th graders prolly a month (they never kiss though)

Do third graders kiss on lips?

No, third grade is way too young to kiss on the lips.

Can fifth graders kiss?

I kissed a boy in 5th grade as my first kiss and regrited it ever science.

How do you get a guy in sixth grade to kiss you?

You shouldn't be kissing in sixth grade.Why not?

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