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hell yeah coming from future 7th grader my 6th grade school year feels funny

but after about 4 weeks I'll be a 7th grader

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 13:48:06
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Q: Should sixth graders have lockers
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Do sixth graders have lockers?

Many sixth graders have lockers. Many middle schools utilize lockers for students books and other personal belongings. If lockers are not available, students usually have desks and closets for storing school supplies and other belongings.

Should sixth graders kiss fourth graders?


How much should sixth graders weigh?

sixth graders should weigh 100 to 110 pounds .

Why should sixth graders not play sports?

Sixth graders should not play sports why? Because they might injure them selves severely, there simply to young, it won't hurt them to wait one more year just to play,and they could play on sports teams in their communities

How do you write sixth graders?

sixth graders

Do some schools only have lockers for 7th and 8th graders?

Yes. When I was in school only the seventh and eighth graders were allowed to have lockers. I think the rule was changed last year because the sixth grade was included in the middle school, but for many years before it was a privilege for the seventh and eighth graders

Should fifth graders have lockers?

Well it really depends. If they have alot of books they carry then they should, but if not then no.

Should sixth graders play sports for there school?


Should sixth graders wear Abercrombie to school?

Yea,why not?

If there are 90 sixth graders and 70 percent of them are in a play how many sixth graders are in the play?

There are 63 sixth graders in the play - 90*70% = 63.

Is it safe to have 6th graders playing softball with 12 graders?

haha(: no. you should never have them play together unless the 12th graders suck and your sixth graders are beastly(:

Why should sixth graders get to play sports?

They need to improve their skills to!

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