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Yes. When I was in school only the seventh and eighth graders were allowed to have lockers. I think the rule was changed last year because the sixth grade was included in the middle school, but for many years before it was a privilege for the seventh and eighth graders

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Q: Do some schools only have lockers for 7th and 8th graders?
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Do 6th graders have lockers in middle school?

Depends on the school, some middle schools hae lockers, and some don't

Are there lockers in middle school?

Yeah there areSome Middle Schools dont because 6 grades and 7 graders bring things they are not too so some schools dont have them but some do.

Do all middle schools have lockers?

yes all middle schools have lockers but some dont and some schools there are some classes that have lockers not all classes

Do they have lockers in Australian high schools?

Yes. In the majority of high schools there are lockers. Different schools have different sizes but most do have lockers. But some schools do not have lockers like my school we have to carry our books and bags around with us

Do you have lockers in middle school?

Yes, most middle schools have lockers for each student.

Does marine park 6th graders have lockers?

yes marine park jhs does have lockers some people say they dont but they should really go in and see for themselves.

Is there lockers in middle school?

Most middle schools have lockers because you switch classes. But some may not though.

What grade do you have to be in to have lockers?

It depends on the school you go to. Most schools give out lockers in middle school and high school. However, some give them earlier or later, and some schools do not give them out at all.

Do most middle schools have lockers and different classes?

yes some times

What is the length and width of a locker?

It depends. Some schools have bigger lockers than others.

Are there stills locker in middle schcool?

Certain middle schools still have lockers, while some don't. The middle schools that don't have lockers usually carry around their backpack throughout the school day.

Why do schools always have lockers?

Not all schools have lockers. Some provide other means of storage for personal belongings, but many just allow you to carry a schoolbag around all day with everything you need.

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