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You should be frank and ask your boyfriend if he fell out of love with you, for you to move on.

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Q: Should i ask my boyfriend if he fell out of love with me?
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Is my ex boyfriend still in love with me?

maybe you should ask him

Should you ask your boyfriend out on your first date or should he ask you?

your boyfriend.............never ask your boyfriend to a date seriously

What should you do if you still love your ex but she has a boyfriend?

Tell her how you feel and ask who she likes. Or ask if she still likes you in her heart.

What kind of love questions should you ask your boyfriend?

I'm a dude listen to me the first thing is that you ask him if he loves you how much he love you then ask him does he have any feelings for his ex

Does my boyfriend really love me?

* Only he knows the answer to this. * If you have to ask this question, you should really look internally and wonder if you really love him.

How do you know if your boyfriend is truly in love with you?


How should you ask your boyfriend to a formal?

When your talking with him tell him about the formal and tell him you would love it if he would take you.

Should you ask your crush to be your boyfriend?

Do it when your ready because you don't want to rush into it or sent it in a love letter.

What kind of questions should be asked towards your boyfriend?

You could ask him questions such as: Does he love you? What does he think about you? What does he dream about?

How do you know if your boyfriend love you back?

You should not have to ask this should know the answer.

Should you ask your Boyfriend to kiss you and you are 10?

At age 10, you shouldn't even have a boyfriend. Love is meant for older teens who know what love is instead of just hugging and kissing. But no, if you have a boyfriend at 10, you should wait until the time is right, when you're older.

How should you answer if your boyfriend asks you why you love her?

Ask him the same Question Improved: Answer him honestly. If you love him, the things that make you love him shouldn't be hard to answer. If you don't love him, let him go.

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