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if they dont have a car they should have a phone

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Q: Should children with cell trait be allowed to play sports at school?
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How many calories should an average middle school student consume?

If you want to know how much you need, because everybodys body is different and some people do sports and need more calories. You can go to and find out how much you need a day. I did that and it helps a lot.! But i think a middle school student should get around 2,000 calories a day.

How the boarding schools different from ordinary school?

Boarding schools are more like a international private school. They have dress codes, and more advanced educations. They have dormitories which consists almost half of the students. Some students of he boarding schools are day students which means they live at their own houses but go to school by their parents. There are no school buses, but rather has a pick up time where parents pick up their children after sports. There are various types of sports, differentiated by seasons. Mostly on fall, there are volleyball, field hockey, etc. In winter, there as basketball, ice hockey, etc. In spring, there are tennis, etc. Also, for boarding schools, you need an interview and school tour to get in.

What sports should 6th graders play?

football, baseball, basketball, or soccer

Are sports bra better for kids or padded?

Some girls might need padded bras, but if they are just getting breast a sports bra should be good.

Should gymnastics be aloud in schools?

Some sports do tend towards being on the loud side. I've never really thought of gymnastics in particular as being loud but I suppose it could be. Each school should probably be free to determine how noisy they permit their gymnasts to be. If noise is a problem, I recommend soundproofing the gymnasium.

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How can India improve in sports?

children should be allowed to do what they want to do and not force them to be studious always.

Are children or youth who are disabled allowed to play sport with other children who are not disabled and are they allowed to play sports both in school and outside school setting?

it depends on the disability. normally the children that are handicapped are not allowed to play and also the kids with down-syndrome are not allowed. but i have seen deaf children play with other children in sport teams... im not positive about outside of school though.

Do school children have to do sports out with school?

no if you right to the school.

Should school children be forced to play Saturday sport?

No, children should enjoy being outdoors to play sports but certainly not forced.

Should steriods be allowed in sports?


Should sports stay in school?

Sports should be allowed in school because many reasearchers studied and di tests to kids that did sports and to kids who didn't the kids that played sports got a much better grade. Also, it helps with physical atributes but also mental

Why should sports be compulsory at schools?

If sports weren't compulsory then children would never have a lesson to look forward to the most. Sports also keeps children who don't normally get to exercise outside of school fit.

Should girls be allowed to be on sports teams?


Why drugs should be allowed in sports?

They shouldnt

Should coed sports be allowed?


Should girls be allowed to play with boys in sports?

yes they should

How is sports good for school?

so children can be active

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