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If you are 11 and you think you need one then go ahead and buy one. Also, you might need a padded bra if you have breast buds and are embarrassed about seeing them through your shirt!

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Q: Should an 11 year old girl wear a bra?
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When should an average 11 year old girl wear a cup bra?


Should a 14 year old 28A have to wear a bra?

yes she should wear a bra

Should a 13 year old girl wear a bra?

its up to you. what ever you feel comfortable with

Till what time till girls of age 14 should wear bra?

When a girl should wear a bra is not based on a certain age. She should wear a bra when her breasts start showing.

Should an 11 year old girl wear a bra even if she only has peapods?

No wait until they get bigger no use in wearing a bra I say.

When should a girl where a bra?

when should a girl wear a bra? u asked at the age of 11 or 12 i would say yw

Should a 11 year girl wear bra and a slip together?

A bra is for support and a slip is to make sure a dress is not see through. If the girl already wears a bra, and she needs a slip, she can easily wear them both. Depending on how much support and the dress she needs, she could choose to wear only one or the other.

Should a 11year old girl wear a bra?

If she has breast, then yeah

Should a ten year old were a bra?

I think you should wear a bra if they are getting bud i am 17 and when i was 9 i wore a starter bra if they dont want to wear a bra try a starter bra which would be best as i said earlier i am 17 and i wear a 38a

Should a 4yr old girl wear a bra?

does she have titties? if so do they jiggle?

What size bra should a 63 Pound eleven year old girl wear?

It just depends on how big the girls breasts are, I am a girl and I started to wear one at the age of 8 and now I am 11.

What if a 10 year old girl doesnt want to wear a bra but has to?

She could get a sports bra and they are comfortable that's what I had on I am a ten year old girl and have to where cup bras size triple A